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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936

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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936



Prefix: $!

Scathach bot is a Lewd bot featuring wide range of NSFW, tons of a wet minigames, and sexy music players

NSFW Certified Approved
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25061 Servers 25 Shards 0 Votes Library: Eris


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Information BOT

Approved 768 days ago

Long Description

Scathach bot


Scathach bot is a semi-multipurpose & Lewd bot for Discord.
Built to carry out your Discord nsfw to the next level by providing wide range of nsfw,
tons of a wet minigames, server management and Sexy music players to entertain your server.

  • Getting started with: $!help or <?help or mention @Scathach#1444
    • You can also type: /help if you were prefer using slash commands


  • Tons of wet minigames to entertain your server
  • Roll a bunch of lewds characters, Play it solo or multiplayer with your Discord fellas
  • Economy & Global leaderboards included

Kinky NSFW

  • You can always request up to 25 images at once (100+ with slide)
  • Hentaibomb, Gifbomb, or even Pornbomb? No, we're METEOR BOMB!
  • None of these commands locked behind premium hence you can use it freely.

Booru imageboards

  • Search for images, automate alerts, or even imagebomb
  • Covers more than 10+ boorus
  • Allows you to request long and complex queries, Sca will always listen it all.

Doujin aggregator

  • The most daring doujin reader over Discord!
  • nhentai, pururin, hentaifox and more..

Hot moderation

  • Automated role assignment/removal
  • Automated alt account handling
  • Beautiful welcoming message for new members

Sexy music players

  • 24/7 Stay on your comfort channels
  • Better user-experience with plenty of audio effects
  • No queue limits, You can play from almost every source with better audio quality


  • Scathach breaks itself into modules to allow degenerate users to interact with our API at lower levels where just chillin invoke every single commands or adding optional parameter such as bulk requests, imagebomb, search behaviour, automation commands, send or troll to another users.

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