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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936

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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936



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The most easy-to-use Discord bot! This bot is made to keep a good attitude on your server and refuse any bad behavior.

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528256079101034506 HamoodiHajjiri#9112

Information BOT

Approved 764 days ago

Long Description

A New Attitude Attitude has been updated to Version 2. We now made our bot get hosted on a hosting service called "GoFreshStart" for less latency and for the best experience for the users.

What is Attitude? Attitude is a discord bot that keeps your server in a good attitude, refusing any bad attitude or could result in a punishment by the staff of the servers using it's moderation commands.

Where can I add Attitude? Click INVITE on the top of the page to add Attitude. By default, it will most likely ask you for granting it Administrator permissions.

How can I trust Attitude? Attitude is trusted by over 25,000 members in over 90 servers. We assure you everything about Attitude is secure as we host it on a very high end hosting with high security to keep your data safe.

I have some questions about the bot We are happy to welcome you to our Attitude Support Server. If you are having any questions in mind, be sure to come join our Support Server at http://discord.gg/DgbXvhx.

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