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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936

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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936



Prefix: sky.

A purpose built anti-nuke bot. Help manage your Audits and keep them Safe!

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174 Servers 1 Shards 0 Votes Library: Discord Akairo


Anti-Nuke Moderation Utility Security Role Management Logging Customizable Prefix Configuration


510065483693817867 Toxic Dev#5936

Information BOT

Approved 379 days ago

Long Description


A purpose built anti-nuke Discord bot.

Setup and Info: Click Here

How Skynet Works

Skynet allows server owners to set strict limits on administration actions. These actions include: bans, kicks, channel creations/deletions, and role creations/deletions. Once these limits are met, their Discord permissions are automatically revoked via removing all of their roles.


You can mention the bot instead of using a prefix

sky.prefix [prefix] Displays the current prefix, changes the prefix if specified

sky.limits [index] [value] Displays the limits, changes an index's value if specified

sky.reset [type] Resets the specified data or collection

sky.recent [ID] Displays recent moderation actions that can trigger the bot's limits

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